A Local Space for Local Artists

A huge storefront window is a terrible space to waste, so as of April, 2011, the Woolworth Building windows at 1120-1124 Main are a free gallery for all passers-by. The space houses artwork and window displays created by local artists in keeping with the Main Street arts and entertainment vibe.

Anyone interested in dressing the windows can send an email to mswindowgallery@gmail.com. To follow what’s happening, “friend” the gallery on Facebook.

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May 2012

February 2012


December 2011

Happy Holidays


October 2011


September 2011

David Wischer - Class Clown

July 2011

Chris Kromer
The Human Narrative
A Mannequin's Story

June 2011

Geri Sheilds

April/May 2011

Andy Sohoza & Jill Ross