Life on Main Then and Now

Hanke Building 1128-1130 Main
One of the most recognizable buildings in OTR, the Hanke was built for the Hanke Brothers’ Merchandise Company. It served as a department store for many decades. In 1995, Michael Stough literally saved it from the wrecking ball at the 11th hour, and undertook a $5 million restoration.  It now boasts 55,000 square feet of modern commercial lease space.

Pawn Shop Building 1126 Main
This building was once physically connected to the Hanke by openings on each floor. The largest opening was on the first floor, which allowed Hanke customers access to the Gentlemen’s Department, located in the Pawn Shop.

Woolworth Building 1120-1124 Main
In this former Woolworth Five and Dime, the original tile floor still remains where the lunch counter once stood. While it awaits its next tenant, its impressive storefront windows are being put to use as the Main Street Window Gallery.

Sapadin Building 1116 Main
Housing Sapadin’s clothing store in the early 1900s, this building has a ghost sign on the side that reads, “Sapadin’s Main Street Smart Fashions Since 1904!” The store is no longer inside, but the sign lives on, thanks to repainting by Stough Properties.

Jupiter Building 1110 Main
Like many stores of its time, Jupiter’s clothing store had a soda fountain near the front entrance. In the 1990s, the first floor storefront was bricked over for a tenant’s use, but it is ready to be revealed again and brought back to its original appearance.

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