Leadership Transition Means Continuity of Success

As founder’s grandson takes the reins, his leadership and site selection skills will help clients grow.

Scott Stough grew up in the business, developing his own perspective on how to help plasma owners excel.

Scott Stough

1. Better for you

Clients prefer to negotiate with Scott (is it something about his affable personality?) and he has taken that job over completely. Because he excels at it, Scott is also our site selection guru.

Once you start a relationship with us, you will find Scott is hyper-vigilant to your needs (that personality thing again). He is eager to succeed by bringing new vision and vigor to day-to-day operations.

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Aerial view of plasma center in nice neighborhood.

2. Scott’s genius for finding successful locations

The Scott Stough approach to site locating is unique in the industry. Whereas many pharmaceutical companies prefer to locate in lower-income areas, we have found this to be a poor business decision in the long run.

Building quality facilities in better neighborhoods near universities, hospitals or other medical facilities, our clients have enjoyed the following benefits time after time:

• Less crime
• Lower viral marker rates among donors
• More female donors
• Much lower chance of being “zoned out” of the location
• Higher acceptance by the neighborhood

Clients find the most success when they become an active part of plasma centers’ neighborhoods and contribute to the areas’ ongoing improvement.

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Michael Stough at construction site.

3. Continuing the progress

Stough Group was founded in the mid-1960s by A.R. Stough. Stepson Michael took over in 1975, and by the time he sold PlasmaCare in 2006, he had doubled the size of the company, mostly through the construction of free-standing Class A Medical buildings.

Since then, we have focused on top quality construction for forward-thinking former competitors, helping them modernize facilities, advance the industry’s image, and improve the process of plasma collection.

Our streamlined approach to siting and construction means clients enjoy excellent value for superior service.

Michael’s vision has dramatically changed the plasma industry, making collection facilities more attractive, comfortable, clean, efficient and safe. Now, as Chairman of Stough Group, he can give that ideal his undivided attention. His goal is to raise the best industry standards even higher, delivering the ultimate facilities to help ensure your long-term success. Your success is our success.

And what do we mean by “success?”

• More engaged staff members who give more and stay longer,
• More loyal donors who invite friends to join them at their favorite collection center, and
• Better relations with the community.

These lead to more meaningful work, along with higher production and growing profits.

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To streamline delivery and control costs, we take a prototype approach when possible, engage local civil engineering consultants for each project, and establish a working relationship with the local governing authority.