You Won’t Believe How Much You Save With New Plasma Center Construction

It also pays to take good care of your team and donors. See our next blog: Retaining Plasma Center Employees and Donors.


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New York Times article, ” What is the Blood of a Poor Person Worth?”

I read with interest the New York Times article, “What is the Blood of a Poor Person Worth?” This is another critical piece centered around plasma donation centers. These articles are predictable, and unfortunately, due to the current proliferation of new facilities, likely to be repeated. While these commentaries have been more common in …

Choosing The Right Wall Finish For Your Plasma Center

When choosing the most economical option for an interior finish, it would seem at first that paint is the obvious choice. However, additional maintenance and repair costs are incurred in the future because paint cannot withstand the everyday wear and tear of human traffic. Wall vinyl and Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) have come a long …

Now open in the heart of OTR

Pins Mechanical Company joined The Hanke Exchange.

An End to Hemophilia?

Check out this New York Times article on new treatments to defeat hemophilia.

Exploring the Benefits of Source Plasma and the Role of the Plasma Center in Plasma Collection

Throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe, plasma centers provide source plasma that can be manufactured into life-saving drugs and produce patient therapies, through a process called plasmapheresis. In plasmapheresis, source plasma is separated and collected from the other components of human blood. The plasma is collected from a voluntary donor and stored onsite in state-of-the-art …

Strategic Planning & Team Building

Strategic planning sessions are a 20-year tradition at Stough Group. Each year a small group of participants travel to Meeteetse, Wyoming, to take an in-depth look at our company’s goals and objectives, and to explore opportunities for improvement. These meetings are immensely valuable to our company’s growth and development. This year’s task for the team-building …

VCT or Vinyl Sheet Flooring For Your New Plasma Center?

True cost of ownership is the cost of buying and maintaining a building. The industry standard for determining the true cost of ownership is the Life-Cycle Analysis. For example, let’s explore the true cost of ownership of VCT versus Vinyl Sheet Flooring over the life of each material. Due to its durability and design variety, …

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To streamline delivery and control costs, we take a prototype approach when possible, engage local civil engineering consultants for each project, and establish a working relationship with the local governing authority.