Why Stough?

Stough knows what works in plasma facilities; we've been building and operating them for four decades.

If you can articulate your needs, any builder can make you a serviceable plasma facility. But only Stough Group knows your needs intimately, and can develop a collection center perfectly suited to you, because we’ve been building and operating plasma centers for 40 years.

1. Start with an ideal location

With our experience operating plasma centers throughout the Midwest and South, we know what kinds of locations work best long-term.

We have developed a fail-safe process for siting plasma centers in urban and suburban areas.

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Example of well-designed plasma center exterior and interior.

2. Make it attractive inside and out

An appealing exterior and comfortable, colorful interior draw donors and employees, and encourage them to return. Lighting appropriate to each area of the center is key to the attractiveness of a Stough-built center.

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3. Build quality

Plasma centers take a beating with near-constant use. You can save money in the short-run using lower-quality materials and construction techniques, but “doing it right the first time” pays off in the long run.

Using plywood instead of particleboard for cabinets, for example, keeps the laminate in place, to help you avoid the potential health concerns of delamination.

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Example of plasma center finishes that are easily cleanable.

4. Choose cleanable finishes

Blood is a bio-hazard, and easy-to-clean finishes are critical in plasma facilities. We use vinyl flooring, hold-off furniture, cleanable wall coverings and other finishes that make it easy to maintain hygienic conditions.

Infection prevention
You want your plasma center to be a sterile medical environment, not only to meet regulations, but also to ensure donors and employees are safe in your center.  Everything from outdoor lighting to your choice in ceiling tiles makes a difference. Think McDonald’s, not Waffle House.

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5. Design an efficient, reconfigurable floor plan

We have perfected plasma collection center design, and every Stough-built structure is made with the future in mind. When new regulations or processing changes require configuring your space, you can adjust your floor plan quickly in a Stough center.

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6. Invest wisely

A purpose-built, free-standing facility is the best investment a plasma center owner can make.

While affordable, our structures are Class A medical facilities built for an economic life of 40 years. When you choose Stough as your builder, you are choosing the company best-suited to help you succeed.

An integrated team
The Stough Difference in a nutshell is out integrated team. Together, we have a century of development experience. Our team includes construction supervisors, project managers and interior designer. We also have a proven process for siting in the right neighborhoods in each city.

Using Stough is economical. Bigger companies have huge bureaucracies to do their development. We develop on as-needed basis. You don’t have to carry any overhead when you are not actively building.

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To streamline delivery and control costs, we take a prototype approach when possible, engage local civil engineering consultants for each project, and establish a working relationship with the local governing authority.