Which Wins When Strip-Mall and Free-Standing Go Head-to-Head? It’s No Contest.

There really is no comparison between strip-mall and free-standing plasma centers when it comes to production and your bottom line—free-standing wins on every measure.
NeighborhoodUsually deteriorating, may be hard to find buildingStable or “moving up,” easy to find
SafetyArea feels dangerousArea feels safe
ParkingOften scarce or far from entry, in poor condition, dark, not securePlentiful, close to entry, well-maintained, well-lit, secure
EnvironmentSpace not originally designed for plasma, near end of economic life, uninviting waiting area, poorly-lit, depressing décor, needs repairs Designed as a plasma center, new, welcoming waiting area, neat, clean, well-lit, cheerful décor, excellent condition inside and out
CultureShabby environment creates negative culture and discourages retention; strip center erodes your brandProfessional environment creates positive culture and improves retention; free-standing building strengthens your brand
True costHigher, due to aging building/components, undercapitalize landlord slow with repairs, inability to control neighbors, difficulty of reconfiguration, high employee and donor turnoverLower, due to long economic life of new building/components, well-capitalized landlord prompt with repairs, lack of neighbors, easy reconfiguration, low employee and donor turnover
Every time, free-standing won in terms of plasma production, lives saved, employee and donor retention, cost of operations, community relations and profits.

3 ways a free-standing plasma center is the better business decision

Over decades of owning and running plasma centers, our free-standing centers always outperformed strip-mall competitors.

A free-standing center is:

  1. More appealing to employees and donors
  2. Easier to maintain and reconfigure
  3. Defines your brand as “saving lives by collecting plasma in clean, welcoming, well-maintained professional medical facilities”
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To streamline delivery and control costs, we take a prototype approach when possible, engage local civil engineering consultants for each project, and establish a working relationship with the local governing authority.