The Magic of Cleanable Finishes

A sanitary plasma center not only keeps the FDA happy but improves morale for donors and employees.

If you build with cleanable finishes, it is easy to keep everything hygienic and appealing.

Blood is a bio-hazard, and can transmit pathogens for seven days. You don’t want any surfaces that can trap blood or bacteria.

Vinyl sheet flooring in a plasma center.

Vinyl composition tile (VCT) is popular in plasma centers, but it is not the best choice

VCT costs more and is less hygienic

It is difficult to clean, accumulates dirt and blood in joints, has a surrounding cove base that is hard to clean and wax, and the material cracks and deteriorates rapidly.

Vinyl sheet flooring is much easier to maintain, and lasts twice as long.

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Plasma center showing alternative to paint.

Paint is the most popular plasma center wall finish, and the most expensive…

…when life-cycle costs are considered.

Wall vinyl and Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) are more durable, and easier to keep clean. The aesthetics of these options have come a long way in recent years. We find FRP to be the most moisture-, mold- and mildew-resistant, the most chemical-resistant, and the simplest to clean.

Paint does not solve problems

Painting every 2-3 years, even if the walls are cleaned carefully first, covers but does not solve problems. Wall vinyl and FRP are harder to scratch, and wash quickly with bleach solutions.

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Plasma center with walls protected from scratches and scrapes.

Gouges, scratches and scrapes are unsanitary and unsightly

Vinyl or FRP wall coverings are more resistant to furniture bumps and scrapes than paint.

A chair rail corner, protectors and hold-offs, with leg extensions that keep the furniture from hitting the walls, all help protect your walls.

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Caulking cracks is important

Uncaulked cracks are not worth the risk of someone getting an infection.

In the food service industry, wall cracks have to be caulked. While this is not required for plasma facilities, it is a good practice. When donors are not held long enough, or their punctures are not well covered, blood can get into cracks if they lean against walls and blood drips.

The right finishes make the job easier.

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Ceiling tiles in plasma center

Cleanable ceiling tiles

Mold is a hot button with the FDA, and you can help prevent it by choosing cleanable, durable, nonporous ceiling tiles.

It is important to be able to clean around heating and air conditioning diffusers. You want to select ceiling tiles that can be cleaned if refrigerant drips from uninsulated condensate lines stain them.

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Along with selecting finishes that are aesthetically pleasing, cleanable and durable, the Stough Interior Design team works with our plasma clients to make lighting decisions that meeting their individual needs.


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