Turning Your Reputation Around Is Easier Than You Think

It matters what the community thinks of your plasma centers.

Let’s face it, in spite of the fact that plasma saves thousands of lives each year, and donors are compensated for their time and inconvenience, many people perceive plasma collection to be a sleazy business.

You operate at the pleasure of the community

Failing to be a good neighbor and use sound operating procedures could and often does result in approvals to open or continue operating being denied.

This can obviously impact a company’s ability to do business. If the city decides they don’t want you, and lets your business license lapse, you could lose $4-5 million per year.


In some cities, the perception of plasma centers is so bad, zoning restrictions have put in place against them. Some places, a plasma center cannot locate within 500 feet of a private residence.

Other cities do not allow plasma centers in their Central Business District. Being able to show pictures of your beautiful, well-kept centers in others places goes a long way toward getting zoning exceptions.

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Your location could be losing you business

When you locate in deteriorating neighborhoods and run an unwelcoming, shabby center, you contribute to the industry’s poor reputation.

And, you could lose out to the competition because of it. If your competition presents an attractive, well-run center and you do not, where will the donors and staff go?

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Your corporate presence can suffer

Some pharmaceutical companies are so ashamed of how their plasma centers look, they don’t put their name on them.

How does that help their brand? It doesn’t. It erodes their brand.

Consumers choose corporations that care

Customers care about the corporate citizenship of the brands they use. It is not only the right thing to do to improve your plasma centers; it will enhance productivity by drawing and keeping quality donors and staff.

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Free-standing plasma center in nice neighborhood.

1. Build or lease in a better neighborhood

Automatically upgrade your image.

We are all known by the company we keep. And first impressions count.

How do you look to someone driving by? If you have a well-lit, well-maintained exterior, free of loiterers, with a clean parking lot, your building looks to casual passersby like the professional medical establishment it is.

These things are easier to control, of course, with a new, free-standing building.

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Bright, open interior of plasma center.

2. Make the inside as appealing as the outside

How are donors and employees treated at your centers?

Do they walk into a clean, cheerful space?
It is clear where to go when you are checking in?
Do you have a nice, spacious waiting area with comfortable seating?

All these factors make a difference in terms of public perception.

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3. To be supported by the community, you have to be an active part of it

In the years I ran plasma centers, my managers were on the local community councils.

Several became presidents. Having a plasma center manager involved in the local community council is extremely helpful if a problem comes up. You can deal with it early on, mitigate any undesirable consequences, and avoid a situation detrimental to production.

When Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood experienced riots in 2001, the plate glass windows of PlasmaCare’s neighbors were destroyed. Ours were protected. Why? We were an integral part of the community, and residents of the neighborhood protected us.

Taking part in local charitable events also goes a long way toward building support.

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Be a good neighbor and community support will take care of itself.

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To streamline delivery and control costs, we take a prototype approach when possible, engage local civil engineering consultants for each project, and establish a working relationship with the local governing authority.