Let There Be Light!

Plentiful natural and artificial light can lift the mood of everyone in your plasma center, improving productivity and profits.

Windows in the phlebotomy ward create a more positive atmosphere for donors and employees alike.

1. Ways to introduce natural light

There are many ways to introduce light into your plasma collection centers:

  • Large storefront doors and windows are welcoming and make you look open
  • Phlebotomy ward windows make the process of donating plasma more pleasant
  • Skylights can add light when access to the outdoors is limited

Natural light can reduce energy costs, make spaces feel larger, prevent the growth of fungi and improve psychological wellbeing (sunlight triggers the production of Vitamin D, cures rickets, reduces strain on the eyes, reduces dental problems, prevents bilirubin degradation, aids the breaking down of carbohydrates/protein/fat, enhances the development of white blood cells, improves the activity of the nervous system and the regulation of blood pressure).

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Natural light has a calming effect, and research has documented that employees who work in natural light are happier and take fewer sick days.

2. More benefits of windows in your centers

There’s more to windows than light. Here are 6 more benefits adapted from Peak Windows:

Better Storefront Visibility
A center with big windows will bring in more donors than a center without them. If people can see what’s going on inside, they will be more likely to come in.

Energy Efficiency
Good windows help insulate your building, offering protection against the elements, and saving you money, since you won’t need to use your heating and cooling system as much.

Good quality windows can offer soundproofing, increasing the comfort levels of your building, making it a more personalized area by blocking outside noise.

Since they are energy efficient, high-quality windows make the temperature of your space more comfortable. Big commercial windows help put people at their ease and raise energy and happiness levels.

Commercial windows are durable, made to last and withstand the elements.

Big windows just look good. A place with commercial windows looks better to the eye than one with small windows. Depending on where you put them, they can also provide a view. An office space with big windows looking out on an attractive scene creates a nicer workspace than one without.

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The parking lot is the donor’s first impression of your center. A well-lit lot is welcoming, prevents accidents and helps donors and employees feel safe.

3. Artificial light has many of the same benefits of natural light

Bright spaces within plasma centers can improve accuracy, create a happier environment and reduce the time needed for each donation.

Think about enhancing the lighting in these parts of your centers:

  • Exterior/parking
  • Front entry
  • Reception
  • Phlebotomy ward
  • Offices
  • Conference rooms
  • Exam rooms
  • Plasma processing

Details about lighting technology choices for each area can be found in this prior Stough blog.

Lighting that helps with privacy and glare:

  1. Stough uses colorful translucent made by 3form that let light pass through while providing donor privacy during screenings.
  2. Wall cabinets can be lit from underneath.
  3. Reflective overhead lights with curved housings reflect off the ceiling, reducing glare on donors while in donation room.
  4. Attractive wall sconces or geometric art shapes on the walls can be lit from within or behind.
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