Four Tricks to Keeping Employees and Donors Happy

Make your plasma center a happy place and watch production soar.

After building PlasmaCare’s first free-standing center, Michael Stough realized what a difference location, design, and a people-first culture could make to everyone.

Costs went down, production went up, and after doubling in size to 15 centers over the next five years, PlasmaCare became the top independent producer in the U.S.

1. Buildings that attract

At Stough Group, we build attractive, free-standing plasma centers in better neighborhoods, with plenty of free parking. These attributes help draw and keep donors and employees, and create a positive image in the community, which all contribute to higher production.

The interior of your center is also important. When you use sound production techniques in a layout not constrained by the previous tenant’s use of the space, things run smoothly and everyone is happier. Cheerful colors, comfortable places to sit, windows and good lighting all make a difference.

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There is a myth in the plasma business that donors live close by. In fact, they come from a 3–5 mile radius. If they have a car, they are going to choose the plasma center with the most appeal, even if it is a bit farther from home.

2. Spaces that feel good

Your plasma centers are an extension of your corporate view. Clean, well-organized, well-lit, well-ventilated spaces send a strong, positive message to both employees and donors.

We develop spaces that enhance the life and work experience of employees. By leasing an inviting space, you show employees they matter. They like coming to the building and feel proud to work there. They feel safe, and know parking will be easy.

Regulators and the community at large are also impacted by your building, and have a more favorable view of your company if your building is attractive and well-maintained.

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3. People first

Of course, how you pay, train and treat people has an enormous impact on productivity as well. Calling workers “team members” and donors “customers” is a good start. Treating them as valuable goes even further.

When your center is run with the needs of team members and customers in mind, they enjoy being there. A stable work force is more welcoming to customers. And customers who feel valued return more often, which means higher productivity at a lower cost.

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4. Beyond money

Employees are motivated by more than money. According to a recent Entrepreneur article, being engaged, feeling respected and receiving personal treatment rated above a pay raise as reasons to stay at a job.

Likewise, customers want to know they are more than plasma to you. In our centers, we routinely gave customers scratch-off lottery tickets. These $1 tickets were a small cost to us, but made a big impression on customers. The scratch-offs said, “We see you, you are an important person, enjoy this little gift of appreciation.”

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To streamline delivery and control costs, we take a prototype approach when possible, engage local civil engineering consultants for each project, and establish a working relationship with the local governing authority.